Afro Contemporary with Ellie Sandstrom & Etienne Cakpo

    LEVEL/AGE: Advanced Beginner - Intermediate / for all ages

No dance experience or diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is required to participate. The classes are always free. STG Dance for PD® classes are based on the Dance for PD® method developed by Mark Morris Dance Group and Brooklyn Parkinson Group. Preregistration is required for classes.

Ellie is currently teaching weekly class at the Garfield Community Center in the Central District, in Seattle, WA.

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To live is to dance. To dance is to live.

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        My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teachers are also students, and that students are also teachers, all learning together in an open and supportive environment. I teach through the lens of each student being given the opportunity to be seen and to feel heard in every class. I strive to have each one of my students see themselves within each diverse lesson plan and activity that is presented and explored. Being dedicated to offering support and guidance to my students, I aim to witness each individual discover their own personal flow. The sense of community in my classes helps students to build skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Structuring my classes by blending Brain Compatible Dance Education and Culturally Responsive Teaching, I am able to go beyond just giving the “5,6,7,8”, steps or movement combination. This offers each one of my students the space to build connections to other areas of life, through movement and more. I enjoy creating a safe space for my students of all ages, inviting explorations and self-investigations in all forms. I love helping people feel comfortable with their growing/changing/moving bodies and believe that dancing is one of the best versions of mental and physical health insurance possible. 

Helping others to find their own flow in life is what keeps me moving.

Teaching has been the most challenging career choice I’ve ever made, but also the most rewarding. Having the opportunity to be a mentor to others, especially youth, to pass on what was shared with me, continues to be the greatest honor of my life.

Seattle Theatre Group's 2024 DANCE This

Spring Workshop           Camp at Centrum
March 9th & 10th                August 4th - 11th
Seattle, WA.                          Port Townsend, WA.

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